Employee Referral Program

The Employee Referral Bonus program was developed to award the recruitment efforts of all full-time employees of the organization. Effective 05/18/2020, any employees who successfully refer an applicant for a vacant position posted will receive $1000.

Program Details:

  • Referring Employee:
  • The referring employee must be employed by YKUNT, Inc. at the time of hire of the referred candidate
  • If you are directly responsible or on the hierarchy chain for the applicant’s position, you are not eligible for the program
  • You must ne YKUNT, Inc employee at the time payouts are given you may refer as many as applicants as desired


  • Applicants cannot have been employed by YKUNT, Inc. in the last 24 months in full time or temporary position.
  • Applicants must indicate a referral source of “Employee” and indicate the referring employee’s name on the application form for the job they are hired into.
  • Only one name may be identified for each applicant. If two names are listed, the first name is used. If that person is not still employed, the second name is used.


  • All bonus payouts are subject to taxation.
  • Bonus payouts will be paid to the employee within three pay periods after hiring of the applicant.

Selection Procedure:

The employment application will be reviewed through the normal hiring procedures. If the Applicant meets the specified qualifications for the position, the application will be forwarded to the hiring process. All information regarding the reason(s) for making a decision not to hire an applicant will remain strictly confidential. Applicants must successfully complete all aspects of the pre-employment process.